Musicalista is an agency that promotes sounds and cultures of local origins and in a global perspective. Its attention is focused on Balkans, Africa, but also on the Occitan area with a special look at linguistic and cultural minorities.
With reference to the present definitions, the range of sounds and characters linked with our agency can be connected to the world music, folk, latin and jazz.

Our services:

· Management of Italian artists and bands in Italy and abroad;
· Exclusive booking for Italy of foreign artists;
· Tour organization
· Planning, organization and production of events and festivals;
· Executive production of albums
· Services for musical and cultural events.

Founded in 2006 on the initiative of Magali Berardo, trained in previous years through important experiences with leading agencies in the national world music scene, and Remo Giordano, Lou Dalfin’s manager and point of reference for the Occitan cultural area, the agency has been appreciated in recent years for some important initiatives, among which:
Musicalista has showed to Italy the new pure talents of the new fado’s star Ana Moura and Deolinda, the Berber songwriter Hindi Zahara, the stars of polyphonic singing Cor de la Plana, the leader of the movement “Balkan beat” Shantel and the Brazilian Vanessa Da Mata;
The agency organized four successful editions of the Voci Alte festival on the so called “Monte dei Cappuccini” in Torino on behalf of the National Museum of the Mountains, with a great feedback on the local and national media, many events as a local promoter and last but not least the music direction of the celebration of the New Year’s Evefor the City of Torino.
In collaboration with the cultural association Lou Dalfin, Musicalista has played an essential role for the rediscovery and the evolution of Occitan music and culture through concerts, exhibitions, festivals, media events, meetings of luthiers, and participating in the most important folk festivals of South Europe;

The agency has also satisfied the expectation of artistic, cultural and organizational partners of the rank of Auditorium Parco Della Musica in Rome, Romaeuropa Festival, Festival Roma Incontra Il Mondo,Arezzo Wave Love Festival, Agorà Contemporanea in Palermo, Festival Latinoamericando, Settembre Musica MiTo, Regione Piemonte, and of many others promoters, clubs and festivals all over Europe.