Musicalista was founded on 19 January 2007 on the initiative of Magalì Berardo, formed in previous years through important experiences with leading agencies of the national and international world music scene. The agency deals with the promotion of local sounds and cultures in a global perspective, with particular attention to Africa, the Balkans, South America and linguistic-cultural minorities.

The range of sounds and characters related to the agency can be traced back to the world, Folk, Indie, Jazz and songwriting.

Its services are as follows:

  • Exclusive booking for Italy of foreign artists;
  • Organization of tours;
  • Management of Italian artists and groups for our country and abroad;
  • Design, organization and production of festivals and exhibitions;
  • Production of records and other sound material;
  • Services for musical and cultural events;
  • Export strategies.

The agency has been appreciated in recent years for some important initiatives, such as having made Italy discover the star of desert blues, the Tuareg guitarist Bombino, the Berber singer-songwriter Hindi Zahra, the leader of the Balkan Beat movement, Shantel or the crystalline talents of the new fado like Ana Moura and Deolinda, just to name a few.

The agency has signed four successful editions of the festival Voci Alte at Monte dei Cappuccini in Turin on behalf of the Museo Nazionale della Montagna, with wide coverage on local and national media, the direction of the performances of the festival Letteraltura until 2012, the New Year’s Eve of the City of Turin 2013, as well as numerous concerts as a local promoter.

Since its foundation it has satisfied the artistic, cultural and organizational needs of interlocutors of the rank of Auditorium Parco Della Musica di Roma, Romaeuropa Festival, Mittel Fest, Ravenna Festival, Arezzo Wave Love Festival, La Notte della Taranta, Pistoia Blues, MiTo September Music, Regione Piemonte, JazzReFound, Time In Jazz, and many promoters, clubs and festivals throughout Europe.


Musicalista di Magalì Berardo
via Perugia, 39 – 10152 Torino (Italy)
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