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The Pianist of Yarmouk

Music for hope

Aeham Ahmad, born in 1988 in Damascus, belongs to the Palestinian minority in Syria and lived in the Yarmouk refugee camp with his family. He has been studying piano since he was five years old, and later began working in his father’s musical instrument shop, a blind violinist. He takes his piano to the street with a cart and sings for the people exhausted by the siege of Assad’s troops, the Jihaidists, the bombings and the hunger. 
Aeham Ahmad becomes "the pianist of Yarmuk", a Palestinian refugee camp outside Damascus.

The videos depicting him playing on the piles of rubble go around the world and the whole world knows his story. But on his birthday, ISIS militants arrive and burn his piano as “haram”. At that point Aeham Ahmad decides that the time has come to leave and runs the thousands of kilometers that separate Damascus from Berlin on foot, on makeshift shoals, devastated buses, only with a backpack and misery shoulder.

In Germany he finds refuge in an old abandoned motel, where there is a piano. He starts doing what he did to Yarmuk again, he plays and sings for the children thrown into exile. He resumed playing, began to play concerts and received an award for his commitment to human rights. He also made a record Music For Hope (Self), met Angela Merkel, Martha Argerich and won the Beethoven Award…

In Germany his biography “Und die Vögel werden singen” (Fischer) has been published, also in Italy.

Last year, Aeham Ahmad won the Yorum Award, established in 2020 by Club Tenco in collaboration with Amnesty International Italy.