Elenco Artisti


If a summer night under the stars of Agadez...

A story of family tradition that is born at the foot of the Aïr massif and carries its destiny already in the name. The desert blues that captivates and enchants in the melodies of Etran de l'Aïr

The city is Agadez, famous Tuareg city and nerve center of desert blues and the founder of this story is Aghaly Migi. It is he who founded the group in 1995 and over the years to teach his brothers how to hold the guitar, the most common weapon in the dusty streets of Agadez and who handed to the world musical legends like Bombino. Unlike the most famous colleagues, the Etran de l’Aïr have always maintained a more familiar and perhaps more authentic dimension. In fact, one of the peculiarities of the desert blues of Agadez is to be a ceremonial music played at weddings, baptisms, political events.

Even the rhythms were more rudimentary at the beginning of their history – only acoustic guitars and a calabash beaten with a sandal – because of the difficulty in finding electric guitars and amplifiers, but over the years the Etran de l’Aïr have refined a powerful sound thanks to the new technologies that have come that allowed him to get out of the local dimension.
To date the band members vary from 5 to 9 units and, we said at the beginning: this is a family story, they are all brothers and cousins.