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The engaging encounter between two eclectic talents.

"re - tornar" is an immersion in the creativity and artistic skill of Magalí Sare & Manel Fortià. This project transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries, offering a unique musical experience that captures the essence of their eclectic collaboration.

The engaging encounter between two eclectic talents, the Catalan singer Magalí Sare and the multifaceted musician Manel Fortià. This collaboration combines the sweet and versatile voice of Magalí with the instrumental richness of Manel, creating a unique sound experience that crosses stylistic and linguistic boundaries.

Magalí Sare, born into a family of musicians, began her career in the choir directed by her sister during her childhood, then evolving to projects such as Quartet Mèlt. Her delicate voice and dedication to jazz have shaped an impressive career, including collaborating with artists such as Clara Peya.

Manel Fortià, graduated in Computer Science, has abandoned that road to dedicate himself to his true passion: music. His experience in New York has enriched his musical background, playing with jazz luminaries and contributing over 60 albums in various guises.

The life experiences of both artists are reflected in the project. Magalí, with his childhood in choirs and different collaborations, brings an emotional depth to the melodies. At the same time, Manel’s experience in New York has given the project a global and innovative perspective. The duo stands out for its versatility, exploring different influences and musical styles. From intimate moments to the power of rhythmic songs, “re – tornar” offers a musical journey that embraces the universal melody, making the Spanish language a vehicle of emotions understandable to all.

re – tornar” translates into a work that goes beyond the sum of its parts, with Magalí and Manel coming together in a compelling musical combination. The inclusion of instruments such as the flute and ukulele adds unique nuances, while the participation of guests such as David Domínguez expands the depth of the musical experience.

Today, the duo continues to amaze audiences with their own music, embarking on tours with personal projects and collaborations with such renowned artists as Salvador Sobral and others.