Elenco Artisti



DJ Set / Live set

One of the most impressive live artists of our time. Starting from autumn 2011, "the phenomenal musical prodigy", as defined by the Goethe-Institute in London, began a long European tour: from the major cities in Greece, Italy and France, to the English mega-rock-festival of Glastonbury or the Danish Roskilde-Festival, the irresistible music of Shantel accompanied by his Bukovina Club Orkestar makes everyone dance - and from the first moment... " (www.hunderttausend.de).

Shantel interacts with the audience and the audience adores him for this: “When he crosses the barriers and almost drowns in the crowd, even the most experienced festival goers appear surprised. Shantel puts his finger on his mouth and invites the audience to sit, he among thousands of people, caught by the spotlight. And then he begins to sing lightly in his microphone “Anarchy and Romance, we do not need any guidance…” until the musicians on stage attack with a powerful storm of bass and brass. This is the moment when the crowd starts dancing again, with Shantel still among them”. (FAZ) In conclusion: “Who has ever seen a Shantel concert, knows: everyone will dance in an ecstatic and euphoric way.” (FAZ)

The new CD: “Anarchy & Romance“, was released in autumn 2013. The title is the program, and again the music cannot be catalogued in any predetermined genre. Shantel will carry out experiments, break expectations and surely trigger some scandal. Amazing songs, unconventional ballads and hedonistic party pieces that meet the spirit of the 60s Garage Rock, Beat and Electro-Funk, vintage electric guitars, drums and a rock Fender Rhodes piano, together with the brass played live by the musicians of the band. In a period when fashions have a short life and the whole world is globalized, Shantel manages to overturn and reiventare established musical structures – in a well-established and pop-rock-cliché upside down: “Yeah, baby! It feels like a SuperBadDay but Our Kiez Sounds Allright!