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Creator of this famous project Voilaaa Sound System, a festive soul and a music researcher, first of all, Bruno Hovart embodies a noble philosophy: "No to aesthetic barriers, geographical boundaries replaced by bridges of music, a journey through world cultures, current, ancient and always at the service of dance. At its parties, for snack or radio, the goal of the game is every time to transport people on a journey where quality and sharing take precedence over demonstration and appearance".
His dj sets are like his music, a bit nostalgic and transmit a desire to dance born more than 40 years ago.

After the great success of On Te L’Avait Dit (2015) and Des Promesser (2017), the insatiable French producer returns to his first love, disco music, looking at his African and Caribbean influences. In 2021 the new album Voiciii for Voilaaa, signed Favorite Recordings, was released.
As an immersive dive into his Afro-disco universe expressed in 14 tracks, it goes without saying that in this LP you can find all the ingredients that made him famous: convincing and dancefloor-friendly festive pieces, irresistible funky arrangements and an undeniable sense of humor and irony.
No doubt, as everywhere in the 70s and 80s, funky and disco movements were extremely influential in these places, and in most cases, the combination of the festive, but also futile nature of the record, and the innate, deep nature, Sometimes rough, African music, sounds like a perfect balance. With the ambition to regain its energy and its specific sound, Patchworks immediately began to produce new tracks. Surrounded by a very dynamic scene, where there is no shortage of artists with African origins, the producer decided to work with local singers, even when it meant accompanying them on unusual musical paths.
Among his collaborators are amazing artists of the Favorite Recordings family such as Pat Kalla, Sir Jean, Cindy Pooch & Celia Kameni of Saving Coco, singers with whom he collaborated on previous albums, Lass, but also new voices such as David Walters, Rama Traore, Avuune Suule and saxophonist Boris Pokora.
The album is also an opportunity to honor with a tribute the major African artists, such as Fela Kuti (“Water get no enemy”) and Manu Dibango (“Manu Ecoutè Ca” and “Tenor Jam For Manu”).
Since the release of his previous albums and their significant international support, Voilaaa Sound System has traveled the world to spread his message of contagious joy and rhythm unleashed from Ecuador to Thailand, from Kazakhstan to the infamous “Feast of Humanity” in France. Now you know: Voilaaa is everywhere and Voiciii (“here it is”) is their new album.